I’m Sandra Miller.  I write.

But if you’re here, you already knew that.  I’m also an avid reader, and a musician who these days could be best classified as a solid intermediate player–too many years out of practice has left me quite rusty!  In my day job I’m a software developer, writing code to make computers do the things I want them to do.  I also collect vintage rhinestone jewelry, make quilts on treadle sewing machines, and raise chickens out here in the boonies.  Oh, and I’m addicted to my Nintendo 3DS and my iPad.  But we don’t talk about that 🙂

I am online very nearly 24/7, unless I’m sick.  My email address is sandra@sandra-miller.com and I hope you will always feel free to email me with any question or comments you have.  I love to talk about my books, and the things that aren’t in the stories.

For the record, my official bio is below.  Thanks for visiting!

Sandra Miller is an author. She’s that girl you knew in school who always had a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other, and spent every spare second experimenting with ways to put them together.

She’s also a violinist who has performed with the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra, the UNLV Symphony Orchestra, and played in the band for a Kenny Rogers show. She’s done productions of Oklahoma!, Le Nozze di Figaro, Madame Butterfly, and too many others to list. She’s been playing and teaching music for nearly thirty years.

Her fiction works have previously appeared in Alienskin Magazine, Long Story Short, and Bewildering Stories.

Her poetry has appeared at Storyhouse, and one of her poems won the Grand Prize in the FictionAddiction 2002 poetry contest.

Her non-fiction articles have appeared in Writer’s Journal, Music for the Love of It, Antiques & Collecting Magazine, Writing World, Vision for Writers, and Writer’s Forum, a Writer’s Digest publication.

She can be found on the web at http://www.sandra-miller.com

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