Novellas and Short Stories

The Enemy in the Mirror
Ellane Williams bitterly hates the aliens who are invading the Earth, but when she takes a stand against them she gets more than she bargained for.

Join Ellane as she struggles with an unwelcome metamorphosis, an unwanted new identity, and the end of life as she knows it.

To survive, we must all fight not to become the evil we oppose…

Crystal Cavern Front Cover
Meet Taran.

In a world where sorcery doesn’t exist, young Taran is a sorcerer. He has a frightening, unique talent, powerful enemies and murderous vengeance to seek.

Why was his hometown ruthlessly destroyed?

Why does this bad luck continue to plague him wherever he goes?

The answers await in the Crystal Cave.

Dorrin's End New Fonts copy
A hapless young commoner meets a conniving old wizard at a cave rumored to be full of treasure–but only one of them can leave.